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Letter to the editor: The good tax

Taxes? The very word puts me on my guard. And yes, this fall we will vote on taxes. Measure L.

Right now, we pay $17.58 per year, per parcel, to support our library. If Measure L passes, we will pay $17.58 per year – exactly the same.

So why is Measure L even on the ballot?

Our library is a countywide system. We have access to all the books in the libraries of El Dorado Hills, Georgetown, Placerville and Cameron Park combined.

For example, I just picked up a book for my 12-year-old, who is on a mission to read everything ever written on the Iditarod. That book came from Placerville on inter-library loan.

Currently, county residents pay different amounts for our system. Some pay more. Some less. Residents of Placerville pay nothing at all.

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Measure L will equalize and assure county-wide funding for the next 15 years. The tax could increase with the cost of living. But don’t get too scared. It’s capped at $25 per year, per parcel. You can hardly buy a book for that.

Passage will require all of us because, as with any tax measure, it requires a two-thirds majority to pass; and, you and I will not be surprised if others want to keep their library running on our dime.

Consider the alternative. In two years, our library tax will expire and we will be looking at this all over again. Without support, staff time will be cut. Fewer hours. Less service. Our community will lose a little more of its dwindling vitality.

So let’s approve Measure L. When you get to the polls and can?t remember which way to vote, you can remember: L yes! I do love my library!

Bonnie Turnbull

South Lake Tahoe

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