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Letter to the editor: Vote ‘yes’ on Proposition 37

Propostion 37 simply asks that food be labeled so that shoppers may make an informed choice and know if there’s a genetically engineered ingredient inside. Countries all over the world are demanding an end to GE crops. Europe has rejected our imported GE drops (not an economic help!) and banned them entirely in some countries, partly due to their more balanced press reporting.

The opponents arguments are misleading, as they are intended to be. They really do want to make lots of money and don’t mind a bit if we’re the gunea pigs.

Yes, GE foods cause illness; rats in controlled settings have grown tumors, shown bad livers, infertility and more. Cattle and pigs fed GE corn and/or soy get sick and weak, and need treatment just to make it to market. Eating these animals makes us sick and weak too. Since GE foods have been introduced, Americans are getting more and more chronic illnesses, from asthma, autism,food allergy, diabets, Parkinson’s, Alzheimers and much more.

We have a great opportunity to help ensure safe food. Reject being a victim or guinea pig to the benefit of these huge biotech companies. Read who opposes Proposition 37 and you’re sure to see “biotech” somewhere. These are not natural foods, not tested and not safe.

Vote for choice; vote “yes” on Proposition 37.

Peggy A. Cooley

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