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Letter to the editor: Water taxi is a great opportunity at the lake

Recently I read a story in the Sacramento Bee about the new Water Taxi operating on the North Shore of Lake Tahoe. So, I checked it out and went for a ride on Aug. 28, my birthday. What a wonderful small adventure and day trip. Bravo to all the organizations involved in this project.

However, I learned that it took a lot of work for the private businesses that own the various marinas to allow taxi landing space etc. It is unfortunate that the parochial and competitive interests of both public and private organizations cannot see that it is in all their interests to promote this lovely and convenient way to enjoy the lake. Of course, it supports the environmental efforts to reduce pollution from vehicles, but it also opens the lake to many more day and weekend visitors from the Sacramento region.

As a senior myself, I’m always on the lookout for the smaller regional adventures that expand my enjoyment of California. The water taxi is great. I’m telling my friends about it. Please consider expanding it to the South Shore and around the whole lake. I know there are two states and at least two counties, but make it happen and the folks will come, your tourism businesses will grow and prosper, and the lake will be clearer! I’m looking forward to next summer.

DC Wood

Sacramento, Calif.