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Letter to the editor: Why I voted "yes" on Measure L

I am probably one of the most apolitical people I know, however, I feel very strongly about this measure to support all El Dorado County public libraries. I have seen, firsthand, the benefit the library adds to our community: summer arts programs, computer classes, homework help, story time in English and Spanish, book clubs, knitting groups, cultural and educational enrichment lectures, and my favorite, an inter-library book request system that gets you books from any library in the entire county – all free and available to anyone.

Measure L cancels the existing library parcel tax that varies by zones and replaces it with a uniform tax that is the same for everyone in the county. Where else can you get everything a library offers for only $17.58 a year?

A library opens the world to all of us. It is a wise investment and one I hope everyone makes. That’s why I voted “yes” on Measure L.

Denise Haerr

South Lake Tahoe

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