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Dylan Silver

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Adventurer to host Arctic and Antarctic presentation

South Lake Tahoe's Todd Offenbacher visited Spitsbergen. The film he was with traveled the island by boat and skied dozens of fresh lines. Offenbacher will present on his travels next week.

South Lake Tahoe's Todd Offenbacher will host a presentation on his recent travels to Antarctica and the Arctic Circle.

Offenbacher will show photos and stories from a recent climbing trip to the Brooks Range in Alaska, a skiing voyage to the peninsular mountains of Antarctica and a foray into polar bear-populated Spitsbergen, an island in the Arctic Ocean.

Offenbacher, now in his 50s, is the founder of the Lake Tahoe Adventure Film Festival and a host on Tahoe TV. A longtime climber, skier and adventurer, he frequently travels the world putting up new routes and skiing fresh lines.

His latest travels have literally taken him to the end of the earth. But, camped out on a large sailboat off the shores Antarctica, it hasn't been all rough and tumble.

"It's incredible because you're in this harsh environment and it feels very expedition-like," Offenbacher said. "You're doing all these first ascents and descents, and yet you're sleeping in a warm bed and having hot meals."

His trek to the ultra-remote Brooks Range in Alaska wasn't so cozy.

"It was super cold conditions. It was just really bad unconsolidated snow," he said. "It was just an epic suffer fest is what that trip was."

Offenbacher was born in Maryland and discovered Yosemite in the 1990s. He moved to Lake Tahoe in 1996. He's made a name for himself ("Tahoe Todd") as a television host and an especially active participant in the region's many outdoor activities. His film festival is now in its 11th year.

Offenbacher's presentation is titled "(Arctic) Climbing and (Antarctic) Skiing Are Serious." The name captures Offenbacher's upbeat attitude toward his adventures.

"The whole premise is it's really not that serious," he laughed."It's kind of a spoof on the fact that it's just sliding on snow or climbing a rock with nothing on top."

Nonetheless, the pursuits have taken Offenbacher to some of the most remote locations in the world — a feat he cherishes. But he always makes it home to Lake Tahoe.

"With all these places I've been, all these continents I've visited, living in Lake Tahoe is where it's at."

If you go

What: (Arctic) Climbing and (Antarctic) Skiing Are Serious

Where: Lake Tahoe Community College Theater

When: Sept. 13 6:30 p.m.

Cost: $10 donation is recommended