Airport busy with July traffic |

Airport busy with July traffic

Dylan Silver

More than two dozen planes were parked at Lake Tahoe Airport Tuesday. July is typically the busiest time for the facility.

With planes lining the concrete, Lake Tahoe Airport is flying into its busiest time of year.

"There's a lot of airplanes out there," airport manager Sherry Miller said. "Our ramp is getting very full."

July is typically the busiest time of year for the airport. Many private jets fly in for the American Century Championship as well as for other events throughout the month, said Michael Golden, who operates Mountain West Aviation, which manages the aircraft that land at the airport.

"We're about as busy as normal (for this time of year)," Golden said.

More than 20 aircraft of varying sizes lined ramp Tuesday with more coming and going every hour.

"We've had a lot of drop-off, so there's a lot of people here whose airplanes have left," Miller said.

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American Century has been flying celebrities into the airport with one of the larger jets. Additional private jets are parked along the ramp.

"There are some very nice airplanes down here," Miller said.

The Lake Tahoe Airport does not have air traffic controllers. The air traffic control tower closed in 2004. Without it, pilots have to coordinate via radio.

"These guys broadcast over the radio and announce their intentions," Miller said. "They say who they are, where they are and where they're going."

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