Construction projects going as scheduled |

Construction projects going as scheduled

Eric Heinz

Four major ongoing infrastructure projects in South Lake Tahoe are on schedule, according to assistant public works director Jim Marino.

Some of the projects are slated to be completed by Oct.15, Tahoe Regional Planning Agency's cutoff date for construction, and some will continue into next year, Marino said.

Caltrans roadwork on U.S. Highway 50 and public utility district projects also are ongoing, Marino said.

None of the major projects are going to be put on hold at this time.

The city's biggest infrastructure venture at this time is the Bijou Area Erosion Project, which has a three-year building period that is in its first phase.

"Phase I is so far on schedule, but the critical excavation has just begun, so we'll see what happens there," Marino said, adding the project has made traffic difficult in the Bijou Shopping Center area. "That project has a lot of impact to the commercial core area down there. On year two, that should minimize that impact. The commercial core will still have some work done, but not nearly to the extent of this year."

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All three phases of the project cost about $12.5 million, Marino said.

Marino said the Pioneer Trail sidewalk and lighting project is 55 percent complete and should be finished by the deadline date. The project's cost is $1.2 million.

"We're going to be installing light fixtures probably after Oct. 15 because we don't have to have the TRPA … deadline to meet there," Marino said. "We have all the foundations excavated."

The minimum area of ground disturbance required for permitting and not allowed to continue after the deadline by TRPA is 3 cubic yards.

Work on the Linear Park landscape and hardscape lighting component is about 65 percent complete, and Marino said he foresees that project also will be complete before the construction deadline.

The Linear Park project costs about $575,000.

Bicycle-trail rehabilitation projects had a bid for construction approved Tuesday from South Lake Tahoe City Council in the amount of $530,947, according to the city's agenda for the meeting. The total cost of the project is $653,000, Marino said.

With new signage and pavement, class-one bike trails that run from Lakeview Commons to less than a mile north of U.S. Highway 89 are going to be pulverized and revamped, Marino said.

In an effort that began in August, the city is making improvements to the decks of the Upper Truckee River and the Trout Creek bridges.

"Even though it's late in the season and it's already September, it's a very short short-duration project," Marino said. "We're only anticipating about three weeks. The bridge re-decking might take a little longer."

A map of South Lake Tahoe's projects can be found at

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