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District 5 supervisor race going to the wire

Tom Lotshaw

The June primary for El Dorado County District 5 Supervisor is coming down to the wire.

It's not expected to be resolved until next week at the earliest, with three of six candidates — Kevin Brown, Angela Swanson and Kenny Curtzwiler — within 14 votes of each other, vying for a second-place spot that advances to the November runoff.

County officials tallied 7,200 late vote-by-mail ballots Thursday. Those only made the race for second closer.

Election officials on Friday said that there are 850 more ballots left to count countywide. That includes a couple hundred more late vote-by-mail ballots and provisional ballots, a total that includes 163 provisional ballots from voters in District 5.

The provisional ballots take time to research, "so we will not be done today and this will go into next week," said Linda Webster, assistant registrar of voters. "That 163, you never know, could make a difference."

Sue Novasel, of Meyers, is in first place with 1,508 votes, or nearly 28.5 percent of the District 5 vote.

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Brown, of Pollock Pines, is in second place with 950 votes. Brown has a slim 12-vote lead over Swanson, of South Lake Tahoe, who leads Curtzwiler, of Myers, by only two votes.

"All we can do now is wait and see and take what they give us," Brown said about the close race for second in the election for District 5 supervisor, adding, "I'm hanging on by a thread."

Elections workers on Friday started recounting by hand 1 percent of the ballots cast on Election Day to ensure the random sample matches up with reported results. That's a mandatory part of the certification process.

Once the election results are certified, candidates have a limited time to request a full recount if they want one, but they have to pay for its cost.

Curtzwiler could not be reached for comment about the election. Swanson said she had no public comment. She has congratulated the apparent winners, Novasel and Brown, but like them is just waiting to see what happens.

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