Grinch not so bad around South Tahoe Refuse |

Grinch not so bad around South Tahoe Refuse

Tom Lotshaw

Far from trying to steal Christmas, The Grinch has been sneaking around the offices at South Tahoe Refuse to spread fun and holiday cheer.

"We've been having a lot of fun with him," Ardith Cimino said about co-worker Natalee Billman's collection of Grinch figures and ornaments. "It's all fun and games."

A 5-foot-tall replica of the Grinch that Billman brought in for the holidays has popped up in president Jeff Tillman's car and bathroom and at his office desk.

When Tillman opened his office blinds the other day, the fuzzy green guy whose "heart is full of unwashed socks" and "soul is full of gunk" was standing on the balcony, glowering in at him from outside.

"The Grinch has been putting a smile on all of our faces," Cimino said of the holiday horseplay.

Whenever the large Grinch replica is missing from his usual spot in the office at South Tahoe Refuse, Tillman now knows to be on the lookout for him someplace else.

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"We've got a few more days to find creative places for him to hide," Cimino said.

Billman said she's been collecting Grinch-inspired ornaments and figurines for about 17 years. Some of that collection is displayed on and around her desk at work.

The Dr. Seuss character has a bad-rap for trying to steal Christmas, but Billman has always thought, "He's cool."

Not a Grinch herself by any stretch, Billman is glad to see her collection being used for holiday fun. Asked what she wants for Christmas, Billman says she wouldn't mind seeing another Grinch or two in her Christmas stocking or under the tree.

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