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Kudos & Kindness: LTCC helps feed the community

"Serving at Bread & Broth was fun and gives you a sense of fulfillment and being able to help those less fortunate" said Randy Joslin who is the Facilities Director at Lake Tahoe Community College. Joining Randy at Bread & Broth's dinner on Monday, Nov. 4 were Dave Burba, director of IT; Cheri Jones, director of enrollment services; Sue Saia, dean of students and academic support services and Sue's husband, Pete Gochis.

Bread & Broth would like to thank the LTCC's management team for donating $250 to sponsor the free dinner served at St. Theresa Church's Grace Hall and the LTCC sponsor crew who stayed the entire evening and were eager to help the Bread & Broth volunteers in any way they could.

As the dinner service came to an end, Sue Saia said, "I'm so impressed with everything. Great food, great portions. The diversity of people who attend is amazing. I'd personally like to become a regular server."

It was a great evening thanks to the generosity of the Lake Tahoe Community College's involvement. The dinner guests raved about the mushroom stroganoff and roasted vegetables, the LTCC crew made jokes making others laugh and more than 90 community members received a nutritious, tasty and filling dinner. Thank you Lake Tahoe Community College for your part in making South Lake Tahoe a caring community.

To help Bread & Broth as a donor or sponsor, please contact Carol Gerard at 530-542-2876 or carolsgerard@aol.com.

Carol Gerard

Bread & Broth