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Kudos & Kindness: Thanks for helping my mother

On July 23, my mother and I were aboard the MS Dixie when she took a fall and was injured. I was very worried because at her advanced age any fall could be serious. Another passenger, a local, saw what happened and immediately offered to help. He suggested that he had EMT and Chiropractic experience. He examined my mom and strongly urged that she be taken to the hospital for X-rays. About this same time another man, from the Contra Costa area, also with EMT background, offered his help. These two men literally carried my mother down the stairs and off the boat and got her situated in my car and gave me instructions as to what I should do and say when we reached the hospital. Their diagnosis proved to be correct. My mom had two fractures of the pelvis. In all the excitement I did not think to get their names as I should have. I hope that, should one or both these people see this article, they will know how important their help was and how much my mother and I owe to their care and concern for people they had never met before.

Pearl Olsen

South Lake Tahoe