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Kudos & Kindness: Thanks for repairing our street

I am writing to thank the city manager and the members of the Public Works Department for their work to repair a dangerous cave-in situation on our street (Whitney) and for repairs that are now underway to replace an old and deteriorated drainage pipe that created the collapse.

The members of the Public works crew assigned to the task have been working diligently to make the repair. They have been courteous to neighbors when traffic has had to pass, and they are being safety conscious in all respects. I have attached to this electronic mail a photo for your information.

I am glad that the City has on its staff dedicated public works staff who care about our community and who are able to respond to emergency situations and to respond to snow conditions when it arrives. Without their tireless efforts, access for our community and our emergency responders during hazardous conditions would not exist.

David M. Jinkens

South Lake Tahoe