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Kudos & Kindness: Thanks for supporting The Clothesline Project

Live Violence Free organized its first Clothesline Project in April, in honor of the many victims of violence that suffer each day. The Clothesline Project is a visual display of T-shirts with messages or illustrations designed by survivors of violence or supporters of nonviolence. The purpose of the project is to increase awareness of the impact of violence, celebrate the strength of survivors, and encourage victims to break the silence and find the help that they deserve.

Our South Lake Tahoe Clothesline Project was an enormous success thanks to the participation of survivors and allies in our community. We were able to create a powerful and effective representation of the impact that violence has had in our community. Our display included more than 100 T-shirts.

We were excited to provide survivors with a safe space where they could tell their story. The response from the community was overwhelming; the number of survivors that were willing to stand up and tell their story was truly remarkable.

The impact of this project was so profound, we have been given the opportunity to have our survivor's stories and lives be honored and remembered once again. Thanks to the tremendous support of Commissioner Dylan Sullivan and the Supreme Court of El Dorado County, a few selected T-shirts from the project have been made in to a permanent display in Department 12 (Family Law) Courtroom at the Superior Court of El Dorado. We'd like to thank Commissioner Sullivan for her enthusiasm and support for this project. We'd also like to thank Peter Guilfoyle for his generous donation that enabled us to have the T-shirts professionally framed, and made into honorable pieces of art. Live Violence Free staff worked extremely hard to assist survivors in regaining their voices; we're immensely grateful to see that they've been heard.

Diana Mezacabrera

Live Violence Free