Man arrested, charged with indecent exposure at Lakeview Commons |

Man arrested, charged with indecent exposure at Lakeview Commons

Tribune staff report


A 33-year-old Mountain View resident was arrested and charged with indecent exposure Thursday evening during a concert at Lakeview Commons.

Concert-goers contacted police who were onsite and directed them to the suspect, identified as Ajit Madiah, who they said "was angry and challenging a man to fight and had exposed his genitals to the crowd while screaming angrily," according to a press release from South Lake Tahoe Police Department.

Officers contacted the man Madiah reportedly challenged to fight. The victim was a 58-year-old school teacher from Merced who had taken his family to watch the concert and take photos of the lake, sunset and concert, police said. The victim reportedly told police that "Madiah confronted him about taking pictures of the sunset, started calling him names, screaming profanities and displaying an aggressive, agitated and confrontational demeanor." The victim walked away from Madian in an attempt to avoid him and any problems, but Madiah followed him and continued to confront him, at one point posing to fight with him, police said. The victim reportedly tried to reason with Madiah, who then allegedly dropped his pants, exposed his genitals to the victim and about 10-15 adults and children, and screamed profanities.

Several witnesses reported the incident and made a private persons arrest. Officers accepted their citizen's arrest and booked Madiah into El Dorado County Jail in South Lake Tahoe and charged him with misdemeanor indecent exposure. His bail was set at $1,500.

Officers also contacted Madiah for trying to pick a fight with concert-goers at the July 11 concert at Lakeview Commons, police said. Police reportedly told Madiah to leave the area or he would be arrested for a public disturbance. Madiah chose to leave the premises without causing any more problems, police said.

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