Treat pets to a safe Halloween |

Treat pets to a safe Halloween

Submitted by SPCA and Lake Tahoe Humane Society

Keep your pet safe on Halloween with these tips.

1. Strangers in strange clothes may scare or threaten pets. Give them a safe, quiet place to wait until trick or treat is over. Make sure collar and ID tags are on in case the pet bolts out the door.

2. Pet costumes can be hazards. If your pet is comfortable dressed up, make sure a pet costume won't confine, strangle, blind, deafen or trip up your pet if he or she needs to get away from harm. Some pets are allergic to costume materials.

3. When trick-or-treating, leave pets at home to avoid confrontations with other dogs as well as to prevent running off if scared by noisy children walking about in odd outfits.

4. Keep treats out of reach. Many have toxic ingredients and even sweet-smelling wrappers can cause harm if chewed or swallowed.

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