Mac the Naw: Fall fishing in full swing |

Mac the Naw: Fall fishing in full swing

Doug Busey
Special to the Tribune

Hello, fellow anglers. A few things to remember this time of year, the saddest of those being that that we turn our clocks back on Saturday. This means one less hour of fishing time. The most important thing is that many of our back roads have closures without warning this time of year. Just this week, Ebbets Pass, Blue Lakes and Burnside roads were closed due to weather. Wolf Creek is open, but not advised to travel past the paved part of the road. Make sure to carry an emergency kit with plenty of water and a few granola bars when you travel.

Also, remember cell phone batteries do not hold their charge as long when the weather gets colder. A couple tips a friend shared with me on emergency cell phone use: First, if you find yourself out of coverage and in an emergency situation, dial 112 and the mobile will search any existing network to establish the emergency number for you. This number can even be dialed if the keypad is locked. Second, many mobile phones have a hidden battery power. To activate this press the keys *3370#. Your cell phone will restart with this reserve and will show a 50 percent increase in the battery. This reserve will get charged next time your phone is charged. Also, always tell someone where you are going and when you will return. This includes short day trips. I was camping many years ago with friends at Indian Creek Resorvoir, and in the middle of the night I awoke to the truck rocking and thought my friends were playing a joke on me. I opened the camper door to a foot of snow and winds howling every direction. The next morning everything we had was frozen to the ground and it was 15 degrees out. We were not prepared. Just a Little planning is all it takes to enjoy our outdoors this time of year.

Now let’s check out our local fishing world.

LAKE TAHOE: The great thing about this time of year is bigger fish start coming in. My personal best was a 47-inch mackinaw in December with Gene St Denis on a Rapala. Last week was good fishing with average mackinaw coming in at 2 to 4 pounds and a few nearing 10 pounds. Fishing on the north end of the lake is most productive. Anglers are trolling 100 to 220 feet of water with flashers and minnows on the bottom. Anglers are fishing Cal-Neva and Dollar Point. For more info call Blue Ribbon Charters at 530-544-6552. Hurry before they get booked.

CAPLES LAKE: Both boat launches are closed now for the season. Shore fishing is good when the weather is decent. Anglers are throwing Kastmaster lures or small spinners from the dam. Powerbait is also productive. The water level is low so use caution when fishing at the spillway area because there are many hidden and slippery rocks. The resort will be opening soon for the winter season. I will keep you updated with what they will be offering this season. For reservations or local info call the Caples Lake Resort at 209-258-8888.

RED LAKE: Due to weather, no reports from anglers in two weeks.

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BLUE LAKES: Blue Lakes Road is closed at the first gate, according to Tammy from Alpine County Chamber of Commerce. It may open if the weather changes.

BURNSIDE LAKE AND CAMP GROUND: Closed for the season due to snow and unsafe conditions.

INDIAN CREEK RESERVOIR: Fishing is good when the wind is not blowing. The lake was planted with rainbow trout from the California Department of Fish and Game twice in the last month. Average fish is 10 to 12 inches, perfect pan size. The lake is weedy, but again very fishable. Anglers are using rainbow or yellow standard Powerbait. I watched an angler catch more than 15 fish two weeks ago using Berkley’s Gulp Alive Powerbait. The angler right next to him could not buy a bite using regular Powerbait, and no it was not me. Just ask one of the Steves. The campground is closed for the season.

CARSON RIVER EAST AND WEST FORK: Two weeks ago, Renee and I spent four days in Alpine County fishing with friends Deanna Lucier and Geary Ness from Minden. We caught and released at least 10 fish per day. Now for the best part, the rivers had not been stocked for over two weeks, but fishing on the east fork of the Carson was still that good. On the last day we all fished on the west fork out of Woodfords Canyon and caught more fish in the 2-pound class or bigger. I talked with Todd Sodaro and was informed that Alpine County will be planting 1,800 pounds of fish this week between the east and west Carson rivers. He mentioned fishing is great and the water levels have only risen a couple inches after the latest weather. For more info call the Carson River Resort at 877-694-2229.

TOPAZ LAKE: Closed until Jan. 1.

Rivers and streams in California will be closed for fishing on Nov. 15 with few exceptions. Some portions are open all year to catch and release. See CDFG regulation for those exceptions.

UPPER TRUCKEE, TROUT CREEK, TAYLOR CREEK: Closed to fishing until July 1.

Be safe on your next outing. If you have a photo of your catch send it to If you have a question or a fishing report in our local area call the Naw line at 775-267-9722. Good fishin’ and tight lines.

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