Magicians like Danny Cole inspired at an early age |

Magicians like Danny Cole inspired at an early age

Tim Parsons
Lake Tahoe Action

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif. – Most magicians start at a very young age, usually before they reach the teenage years.

Masters of Magic headliner Danny Cole is no exception. He started doing magic tricks when he was 10.

“Young boys pick it up at some time in their life,” said Cole. “I love visual stuff. It’s hard to start later. It’s kind of like a musician. You kind of have to start when you’re little.”

One of Cole’s mentors, Tony Clark, is the host of the nightly show in MontBleu’s Blu Nightclub.

“It’s an honor to be working with him,” said Cole, 33.

Clark is a slight-of-hand magician. Cole is an illusionist.

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“I do all visual magic,” Cole said. “My clothes change color instantly. I float in the air without a chair. I make things disappear and appear right before people’s eyes. It’s visceral. It’s immediate and you can see it.”

Christopher Hart, whose hand appeared as Thing in the “Addams Family” movies, also performs in the show, which is presented five nights a week. There are two performances on Saturday.

Farrell Dillon, a 26-year-old sleight-of-hand magician, is the fourth Masters of Magic member.

The show runs through Sept. 4.

“This is one of those amazing jobs where outside the show it’s paradise,” Cole said. “It’s been a real pleasure being in Lake Tahoe.”

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