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One blonde mom Maryellen Hooper headlines Improv

Harveys Improv has plenty of laughter and teeth this week with host Howie Nave, left, and headliner Maryellen Hooper. Jim McCue opens and fills the big-man role.

Maryellen Hooper is cool.

She killed performing at Montreal’s Just For Laughs Comedy Festival both as a solo artist and as a member of The 3 Blonde Moms.

Maryellen has a unique brand of storytelling that includes a verbal quirkiness coupled with a physical humor that punches the funny every time. She’s a personal favorite and I believe after you see her you will also make her a favorite of yours. Hooper’s style of humor ultimately twice landed her a slot on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.” She was named Best Female Stand-Up at the 12th annual American Comedy Awards. Her numerous television and radio credits include Lifetime Channel’s “Girl’s Night Out,” A&E’s Evening at the Improv, Comedy Central specials and numerous other television appearances. She’s a comic’s comic, a self-made woman that can outshine any guy when it comes to doing the home improvement thing. Now that I think of it she has this blue collar, down-to-earth sensibility about her which I think is why so many like her so much.

I think Maryellen is well grounded in part because she started out in the blue collar world of being a former “disgruntled” hairdresser. Oh man, does she have some interesting stories talking about who’s head she has styled and some of the contacts she made in that line of work. She weaves those experiences into her act as well as her experience working along with her husband on their “fixer-upper” home. That alone is worth the ticket price.

Maryellen also talks a lot about her family life including her being a mother to two adopted, adorable sons. She has more than enough stories in this area that really hits home. In fact, Maryellen describes her material as “just plain silly, fun stuff that everybody can appreciate.”

Appearing with Maryellen is Jim McCue, a New Englander who loves comedy so much started the Boston Comedy Festival.

Like every Bostonian he is a diehard Boston Red Sox fan. One year he had to reschedule his comedy festival because it interfered with Sox’s playoff games. Obviously, there will be no need to worry about rescheduling this year.

The tall Irishman has been featured on Comedy Central, Comcast Comedy Spotlight, NBC’s “Last Comic Standing,” and “Roughing It” on NESN. He works in top comedy clubs in the Boston area Las Vegas, New York, Dublin, Montreal, Sydney and Edinburgh. Since 1999 Jim has also entertained U.S. troops at more than 100 bases around the world. An account of his experiences performing for the troops were published in a book he wrote, “Embedded Comedian,” which Jim describes as a “field manual for comedians in a war zone.”

Jim is a very likable guy with a pleasant, improvisational rapport and is never condescending with the crowd.

Jim rarely turns down a gig even if it seems a little out there. If you go to his website McCue is available for “Anniversaries, Awards Nights, Bachelor Parties, Bachelorette Parties, Banquets, Bar Mitzvahs, Bat Mitzvahs, Birthday Parties, Casinos, Celebrations, Christmas Parties, Church Services, Clubs, Coffee Shops, Community Events, Conventions and Corporate Functions.” That’s very noble of you, Jim, but let’s keep your gig confined to The Improv this week OK?