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Letter: Floating art project belongs in Vegas, not Tahoe

Regarding the "Art Revolution" article in Wednesday's Tribune … WHAT ARE YOU PEOPLE (TPA) THINKING? We are blessed to live in one of the world's most scenic natural environments.

Over the decades we have worked hard to regulate development and preserve the natural beauty of Lake Tahoe. There is near unanimous agreement for policies to maintain and improve the clarity of Lake Tahoe. South Lake Tahoe has worked hard to attract visitors to our shores by extolling the wonders of our natural environment and all the activities associated with it.

So where does this proposal to put floating art on the shores of Tahoe to promote environmental awareness and enhance cultural landscape come from? Has TRPA or the city of South Lake Tahoe given their approval? Stacked hexagonal tubes with LED panels, two way polycarbonate mirrors, chirping bird calls, spoken words and musical scores belong in Las Vegas, not Lake Tahoe.

Please do not desecrate the shores of Lake Tahoe with this circus-like proposal masquerading as art.

Dave Carneggie

Meyers, California

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CORRECTION: This letter was incorrectly edited to state (TRPA) instead of (TPA). It has since been corrected.

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