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Letter (John N. Cefalu): New South Lake Tahoe City Councilmembers need ‘intestinal fortitude’

It never ceases to amaze many residents and businesses in this community how the city places a price tag on every activity that the majority of this city council and city manager has selected to raise funds. The latest program, in the name of health and safety, is a visit by an inspector, dressed in a firefighter uniform, to alert a business owner of the need to place signs in their business for the safety of their patrons. A five-minute visit generally results in a bill to that business of $125 or more, sent by a third-party collection entity, out of the area, with a variety of threats for the lack of payment.

As has been expressed by the city manager, funds are necessary to finance the operation of the yet-to-be-approved, $25-30 million new recreation center, promoted by the Lodging Association and paid for by a proposed increase of two-percent increase in the city's room tax (TOT), is not certain.

On that issue, one should ask, why is a new facility necessary when we have a recreation center that could be remodeled and upgraded for far less than has been proposed? This latest ploy by the city to raise more money borders on extortion and raises questions as to its legality. This community will soon go to the polls to choose two members of city council. It is time to select those that exhibit common sense and logic, and will remain open-minded to issues and have the intestinal fortitude to challenge the behavior of this city administration.

John N. Cefalu

South Lake Tahoe, Calif.

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