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Letter: Many VHR complaints go unanswered

With regard to the vacation rental debate … As someone who actually lives in Lake Tahoe with many vacation rentals surrounding my home, I can honestly say I have made plenty of unanswered complaints. Noise complaints, trash, more than the allowed vehicles-parked illegally, vulgarity, the list goes on.

Our only way of making a complaint is to call the police non-emergency number and four out of five calls seem to go un-investigated as the police officers are tending to other matters. We need a more effective way to have these complaints dealt with, an agency keeping track of which rentals consistently disregard the regulations. And a way to enforce consequences.

I understand the vacation rental company directors and the second home owners want to continue to protect their investment and their bottom line. But I am curious to know, how many of these people who so vehemently oppose fines and restrictions regarding the vacation rental industry have spent a night next door to a bachelor party that doesn't end until 3 a.m. or a loud Snow Globe pre-game party going on next door while your kids are playing baseball in their backyard?

We need to do what is best for our community. That means protecting our locals. Not just lining the pockets of out-of-town profiteers.

Kate Nye-Morrell

South Lake Tahoe, California

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