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Letter: Praise for Vicki Gonzales

I would simply like to commend and thank Vicki Gonzales for her guest column in the April 7 edition. She summarized so very well all the fears and concerns that most of us are experiencing under our new president's administration and congressional majority.

Every day we learn that something more has been initiated that will take us many steps backward from all the progress that has been made under previous administrations — progress that affected every aspect of our lives. Their revoking of many vital present processes and regulations serves no apparent purpose except to please wealthy corporations and to show the rest of us "who's boss" now.

And — in most cases — when carried out, will cause great harm to us and to our country. I am an old lady now, and at times feel so discouraged and sick at heart about this that I want to hear no more of it. But thank you, Vicki, for your "shot in the arm."

We cannot afford to remain unaware and uninformed, and must take action in every way we can to make our voices heard. I am so proud of so many who have done and are continuing to do this already. This is truly a silver lining in the cloud that threatens us today.

Annette Rhodes

South Lake Tahoe, California

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