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Letter: ‘The Loop Road project is not benefiting the local community’

The Loop Road project is not benefiting the local community, it is not supported by the local community, and was not written in the interest of the local community. I was surprised to read that some individuals listed environmental benefits as one of the impacts and reasons for construction of a Loop Road.

Firstly, the only benefit I can identify adding a Loop Road would achieve is a slightly quicker way to and from the casinos. Adding extra roads has no benefit for wildlife; more roads means more places for bears to get hit by cars. Furthermore, advertising a "congestion free" South Lake Tahoe to the Bay Area is a false promise, as any local can recognize that the real traffic problem concerns Highway 50 on Echo pass into Meyers — but construction is out of the question. I can't find a cure to curb peak season and holiday congestion, but I do not believe this is it.

Just because the money initially granted for the project comes federally does not make it free by any means. After construction, the throughway will surely be maintained locally; that is another four-lane road that needs to be plowed every winter, paid with local dollars.

The plans have little to do with improving local economy — I doubt many have forgotten what happened to the businesses forced to leave for the "convention center proposal," only to abandon the project with the crash in 2009 — leaving the locals to look at the block-long foundation for eight years. These projects are about benefiting those looking to increase congestion and industrialize our city, not those who truly want the best for the community. I urge all locals maintain awareness — it's matters like these that show the world what we really want our city to become.

Charles Carlson

South Lake Tahoe, Calif.

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