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Letter to the editor: Unemployment — the other part of the story

Thanks to Judy Lin and Adam Jensen's focus on California and South Lake Tahoe unemployment rates. In recap, California's unemployment rate fell from 9 percent to 8.6 percent and South Lake Tahoe's rate fell from 13.9 percent to 11.1 percent in May. The decline is a good thing, but what kind of new jobs are being created and aren't these rates still too high?

The people of California need state-elected officials and elected officials at all levels of government who are committed first and foremost to see vigorous economic growth for everyone and the growth and strengthening of small and large private-sector businesses. We need a state regional, and local governmental regulatory system that encourages, nurtures, and supports the growth of a responsible and environmentally-friendly private sector. We need good-paying jobs for our residents and our younger generation who are now trained and entering the labor force.

Real economic improvement means the growth of wealth and income for all residents of California, not just large corporations that export jobs to foreign countries and import "skilled" and semi-skilled workers to take American jobs so that they can pay them less. I want large corporations and businesses to prosper and to be responsible and patriotic by giving the first chance for employment to our existing residents.

Think about how many good jobs we would create if we had a business-friendly state and business-friendly communities.

David M. Jinkens, M.P.A.

South Lake Tahoe