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Letter to the editor: We need to continue our progress on attitudes about race

Tiffany Miller's assertions about bigotry are sadly true. Such has been the condition of some men since the first recording of history. However, some of her assumptions and inferences need to be examined.

Attributing racism to the tragic death of Trayvon Martin seems neither fair nor wise. Not a scintilla of evidence has been found to indicate that Trayvon was shot because of his racial identity.

Somehow, it seems that the very fact of Zimmerman being part Caucasian convicts him of lethal prejudice.

Tiffany's reference to a scar vs. an open wound is all too apt.

However, I feel that the wound remains open because too many people keep picking the scab off before the healing is complete. I remember with a shudder the conditions of earlier days.

The cruel and irrational attitudes of 50 years ago contrast strikingly with the levels of acceptance, friendship and respect existing today.

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We have come a long way toward racial sanity, and our destination would have been reached before this had it not been for the perpetuation of contention by a few folks of uncertain scruples.

A few people of both light and dark complexion have found that political and pecuniary rewards can be had by preventing tranquility from developing between the races.

How blessed we all would be if we rejected the calls for racial tension and suspicion. As Tiffany indicated, the differences in appearance between us are immaterial.

Each person, regardless of ancestry or cosmetic appearance, is precious, and we impoverish ourselves by prejudging others on these bases.

Don Carsten

South Lake Tahoe

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