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Letter to the editor: What’s going on with Highway 50?

My family moved to the South Shore when I was 1 in 1961. My stepdad died shortly after we moved and my mom, sister and I lived up there till around or after I was in sixth grade. I go up at least twice per year just to play and introduce my son to the lake.

I can't believe what's going on with Highway 50. You won't like it; Pioneer Trail was a quite way to go if 50 was busy. Just take out the old tiny hotels that look horrible and that are closed and let's fix it up. I love to see the Bijou market and the camping grounds as we are pulling into the lake and see the lake as we are driving into town.

Why not clean up, not restructure, Highway 50? I was pissed after not being up for awhile and the top of the wheel was gone. OK, it had been awhile, but keep it simple that's what always gave the lake charm. But don't restructure, just clear up those tiny closed up hotels. Make big news of it or people won't hear about it. I gave money when you had a big fire; people will give to clean, but I'm not giving money to restructure. It's a bad idea. Fight up there, make it newsworthy and people will pay attention. You will always be my home and I promise to pay attention to this.

Tina Panzer

Alameda, Calif.