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Look for owls and falcons

I'm writing this letter to say thank you to everyone who enjoyed my past letters. My letters are almost always about my experiences with birds and animals, usually from around Tahoe. Which reminds me, the great horned owls are back at the casino corridor. You may see one as you driver the corridor one night. They're real big! They can get close to a 5-foot wingspan. Another bird I've recently sighted is a Peregrine falcon that's nesting up by Cave Rock. As I was driving, the falcon shot by above my car and actually landed on top of Cave Rock. What a treat! As you probably know, Peregrines were used in medieval times by noblemen to hunt with. Only the king, though, could have a Gyrfalcon, the largest and reportedly fastest of all falcons, even out-speeding the well-known Peregrine falcon.

I myself was a falconer for about 20 years, and loved the sport. But remember, never attempt to get a bird nowadays unless you check the federal regulations about it first. You also have to have great patience training a bird, and a proper place to keep it. Plus you have to go through a year-and-a-half apprenticeship under a master falconer, so it's definitely not for everyone.

Thank you again to the Tribune and everyone who enjoys my letters..

Theodore R. Harris III

South Lake Tahoe

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Thanks for eliminating paid parking

Thank you voters of South Lake Tahoe for eliminating the recent paid parking policy in our city. Our city will continue to be more business and consumer friendly with this yolk of animosity removed. I also thank the city council for placing this contentious issue on the ballot and allowing the voters to express their opinion, which was done intelligently and thoughtfully. Hopefully these types of issues will be laid to rest and paid parking will not emerge again from the beauty of Happy Homestead Cemetery.

Jerry Johnson

South Lake Tahoe

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