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Miller doesn't know facts behind exchange

Tiffany Miller's opinion column, "Obama can't justify prisoner exchange" on June 11, is an embarrassment to the residents of our town. There are many issues well beyond her or my knowledge that affect these decisions. But prisoner exchanges are as old as the revolutionary war and have taken place throughout history. Secondly, I would point out that the prisoners exchanged, were only charged with crimes, they were never convicted or even tried. As far as we, the public really know, they are harmless.

I remind Ms. Miller the only thing between her and law enforcement is the concept of innocent until proven guilty, and the right to a speedy trial. I assume that the government could not prove the charges, so they held these men, out of the country for 12 years. Imagine Ms. Miller that the police picked up your loved one, and simple held that person without trial for 12 years?

Ms. Miller, I would love to see you meet the family of the liberated soldier, who, by the way, has not been charged with anything, and explain to them that you are unwilling to free him, insuring his death in captivity, because you are afraid or five guys, convicted of nothing, 12 years out of the loop, when we know of their every movement.

I wonder if it was your loved one, would you support the decision to leave him behind? Your husband, your son. And, what is the message to our soldiers? We are willing to abandon you, don't worry.

I say it was a tough decision, however in my view there are two strong principles that justify the exchange. The first, is that we can not allow people to be held indefinitely without trial (you could be next), and that the president has made a statement to our soldiers, that is, "We care, we support you, and we are willing to risk the threat or five old guys, 12 years out of the game to bring you home." I don't know about Ms. Miller, but I bet that is a much stronger statement then some rightwing fear. By the way, 9/11 was surprise attack, kind of like Pearl Harbor. We are now ready.

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Ted Long

South Lake Tahoe

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