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Ribaudo: My view — notes from the front row

Carl Ribaudo
Special to the Tribune

Local Musings

When was the last time you ever thought liberal democrats like Jerry Brown, Harry Reid and Diane Feinstein would ever bash an environmental group? But that's exactly what has happened as each of them took their shots and Laurel Ames and the local Sierra Club for filing a lawsuit challenging the Regional Plan Update. The same update that took years and hundreds of meeting to complete. It illustrates how out of touch the Sierra Club is in wanting to preserves the status quo and the damage that it is causing to the lake. It's actually fun to watch, I mean, really, who would have thought?

It's time for the Tahoe Conservancy to unlock and unchain the old Sunset Stables land. Sunset Stables for years was land that could be accessed by the public but since the conservancy got ahold of it it's been behind a fence and a lock and while its seems to be OK for Caltrans to use some of that land as a massive construction staging area it's not OK for the public to have access to it. Why not make the area a nice picnic area people can use I mean it was bought with tax dollars and it is ours not the Conservancy's?

What about taking the old post office at Black Bart and Pioneer trail and doing something constructive with it. Since the Post Office doesn't need it and can't effectively take care of it why not transfer it to the county and create a small pocket park or, better yet, a community garden? Again, it's is our land and it needs a better solution. The current state of affairs is unacceptable.

Will the Harrison Avenue project happen? The project is designed to revise the Harrison Avenue area, including improved layout, bike trail etc. and complement the Lakeview Commons area. It's being funded two-thirds from the public sector and one-third from the local business which are being assessed. But the project seems to have gone a bit sideways. After watching the City Council meeting, one is left wondering if the local businesses want it. It would be a missed opportunity if it does not happen but, if it doesn't, can we get those public sector funds allocated to the "Y" area?

The Big Picture

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The west is on fire. This past week there was something like 55 fires in 11 Western states. Believe what you want about global warming but something is happening and it's going to have a greater economic impact than just the damage to the land. Western rural tourism economies are being impacted as would-be visitors are staying away or packing their stuff and going home. We have not heard the last of this.


Don't miss seeing some entertainment the rest of the summer. The South Shore has really improved the entertainment options with a number of venues. I attended the first night of the Phish concert. The music was great and everyone was having a great time. The amount of creativity in clothing (or lack of it), and antics was not to be missed. Before winter comes get out and see some entertainment.

It's a Wrap

Tom Wendell was a wonderful person and he will sadly be missed. He always sought to understand all the sides of an issue. He was fervent in his support and concern for this community and his efforts to work thorough and resolve challenges and propose new solutions will surely be missed. It was a privilege to know him. I will miss our long and engaging conversations. A tribute of some sort (bench, plaque, trail name) would only be fitting. Rest in peace.

— Carl Ribaudo is a contributing columnist to the Tahoe Daily Tribune. He is also a consultant, speaker and writer who lives in South Shore. He can be reached at carl@smgonline.net.

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