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Letter: Trump in the wrong regarding environment

I am very concerned about the executive order President Trump signed to roll back energy regulations and many of the climate policies we currently have in place. This year marks the continuation of a terrible drought in Kenya and Eastern Africa that is leaving millions miles away from water and at risk of starvation; a record low in Arctic Ice cover; record high temps in the Gulf of Mexico (we all know what that means come hurricane-season, right?); and polling that shows now 70 percent of Americans believe climate change is human caused. The Trump administration is, as usual, standing opposed to facts and to public opinion.

Please work to protect our public lands from mining and drilling, protect our coastlines, air and water quality, and support the stewardship of the planet. Fight against this action and the EPA's attempt to ignore the threats and impacts of climate change.

Kristen Boysen

South Lake Tahoe, California

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