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What are we going to do about the hole in the ground?

What are we going to do about the hole in the ground?

I'm going to address the "hole in the ground." You want to attract tourist and people, from all over the world; you want them to come to a beautiful mountain city. Outdoor family activities, both winter and summer, make vacationing in Tahoe a great adventure for many families and it should remain that way. However, the eyesore in the middle of town is not attractive, and that is what people are talking about. It has been there far too long — who can afford to buy it? This city needs to do something. Since the whole thing is ruined after six years of lack of care, raze it and make a three-story parking lot. It could be a source of money for the city, the hole is already dug. We need more parking; it would be close enough to walk to the shops, casinos, markets, restaurants and events. For tourist and locals alike it would be easier and profitable for our city. If locals could buy a year's pass for a nominal fee, we wouldn't worry about getting a ticket or parking too long in Raley's parking lot. The parking garage in the village is great for going to the movies, and have your ticket stamped, however it can be costly for all-day skiers. The whole area was started as a convention center; motels and businesses in various parts of the city were torn down to provide the "hole in the ground." When do we do something about it?

Ethel Aubrey

South Lake Tahoe

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