Peter Darvas healing well after fire |

Peter Darvas healing well after fire

Axie Navas

Artist E. Peter Darvas was in “good” condition today at the hospital where he was transported on Tuesday evening after trying to put out a fire at his house on Pioneer Trail, according to Barton Memorial Hospital spokesperson Rebecca Wass.

A patient can fall into four different categories when it comes to their condition: good, fair, serious or critical. Wass described Darvas’ condition as “fair” when he first arrived on Tuesday, but since then it has improved.

She didn’t give any information regarding his release date, but Robert Schimmel, who visited Darvas in the hospital on Wednesday, said on Friday that the artist was healing well.

“It sounds like he’s doing a lot better and maybe he’s leaving (the hospital) today. Sounds like his eyes and throat are mending well enough that he might just get out,” Schimmel said.

Tahoe Art League President Juanita Brock said the league is starting a collection for Darvas to help him resupply the studio that was decimated on Tuesday. There will be a bin at the art center, located at 3062 Lake Tahoe Blvd., where people can donate art supplies. Paints and brushes are especially welcome, Brock said. In addition to all his supplies, Brock is confident that some paintings were also lost, but said she doesn’t know the full extent of the damage.

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