Prop. 40 would overturn new state Senate maps |

Prop. 40 would overturn new state Senate maps

Associated Press

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – The state Senate districts drawn last year by an independent citizens commission will go before voters Nov. 6 to be upheld or overturned.

Proposition 40 would prevent the new political boundaries from taking effect. It would require court-appointed officials to set interim boundaries for the 40 state Senate districts until new maps could be drawn.

Republican-backed officials sought the referendum because they believe the new Senate map unfairly harms the GOP.

They stopped actively campaigning in July after their challenges failed in state and federal court, but by then the measure had already qualified for the ballot.

A “yes” vote would uphold the boundaries set by the voter-created citizens commission. A “no” vote means the Senate map would be redrawn.

Republicans did not challenge the Assembly districts.

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