Scientist-comedian Charles Fleischer’s rudimentary complexities |

Scientist-comedian Charles Fleischer’s rudimentary complexities

Tim Parsons,

This weeks's comedy club headliner Charles Fleischer, left, does what others cannot: make Improv Howie Nave seem as if he's not the crazy one in his photo.

STATELINE, Nev. – Theoretically, Charles Fleischer is Abbott and Costello.

That would be Derek – not Bud – Abbott and Lou Costello.

Comedian Bud Abbott revealed Who’s on first. Scientist Derek Abbott is known for his work in the development of Parrondo’s paradox.

Fleischer is a scientist and the headlining comedian through Sunday, Aug. 26, at the Improv in Harveys Resort and Casino. He rejects the Abbott and Costello theory.

“It’s more like Heckle and Jeckel,” he said.

Comedy, he said, is science, citing Arthur Koestler’s book, “Act of Creation,” in which “bisociation” blends two unrelated items together like electricity and magnets or an impression of a Japanese Bob Dylan.

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Fleischer appears at the Improv a couple of times a year and each show is different, he said. It also is unique in that his show is twice as long as a typical act at the venue. There is no opener, just host Howie Nave.

“I think Howie would be an excellent mayor of Tahoe,” Fleischer said, destroying his credibility as an intellectual. “He has people skills. He’s smart and people like him. That sounds like a good recipe for mayor to me.”

Jokes flow from Fleischer as fast as they do from Robin Williams. He interacts with the audience and at the end of the show will play a song on a piano about those interactions.

Afterward, Fleischer will sell his new line of “surreal and otherworldly” artwork, and he will respond to interrogative statements.

“Ask about my shoe size,” he said.

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