Shifts in several restaurants around town |

Shifts in several restaurants around town

Dylan Silver

Tony Contini / A lease agreement for Blue Water Bistro on Timber Cove Pier was not renewed by property owners. A new restaurant, managed by Timber Cove Lodge, will open in the location this spring.

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif. – A recent flurry of activity has a few well-known eateries around South Lake Tahoe switching locations, changing names or shutting down altogether.

Scusa has moved from its 20-year home on Ski Run Boulevard to a new location where the old Tahoe Grille was, just off Highway 50.

The location just makes sense for the Italian restaurant, said owner Dale Dodd.

“With a 30-car parking lot and 10 more tables, it was just a no-brainer,” Dodd said.

Though Tahoe Grille, which Dodd also owned, will no longer be in the building, a few of the most popular dishes like the lobster gnocchi and the rosemary chicken may be brought back for the holidays, Dodd said.

The lease for Blue Water Bistro, South Lake Tahoe’s only restaurant on a pier, was not renewed by property owners.

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“We just didn’t want to engage that at this time,” said Peter Evenhuis, general manager for the Timber Cove Lodge, which owns the property.

The space that Blue Water Bistro occupied and the pier itself are now closed for remodeling. A new restaurant managed by Timber Cove Lodge will open there in the spring, Evenhuis said. He did not say what type of restaurant it will be.

“We’re in the planning stages,” he said.

Kristin Mozzochi, who ran the Blue Water Bistro, could not be reached for comment.

The all-American bar off Highway 89 has been bought by former kitchen manager Spencer Weiss and is now, after a short closure in October, back open.

The restaurant and bar won’t change too much this winter, but he’ll likely work on some stuff come spring, Weiss said.

“We kept a lot of stuff that worked,” Weiss said. “I’m keeping it pretty simple for now, just trying to get the locals back in here.”

The bar won’t lose its $2 tacos or NFL Ticket. The American flag mural will probably be re-painted after winter, Weiss said.

The weekly rail jams may or may not continue, depending on the cost of insurance, he said.

Two aunts and a niece bought Four Seasons Soup & Salad, renamed it the Jazz Kat Cafe and added little but a few dishes and cozy sofa by the fire. But the simplicity seems to be working for the trio. A handful of customers nearly filled the little space at Highway 50 and Johnson Boulevard.

“It’s never an opportunity that I thought I’d have, so this is exciting,” said Alexis Opie, one of the three owners and the niece of the bunch.

The menu is filled with soups like cream of spinach and sandwiches like the grilled cheese and bacon and the chicken chili Philly, as well as breakfast and coffee items.

The name, Jazz Kat Cafe, stems from a sad story. When one of Opie’s aunt’s sons passed away, they were looking for a way to keep his memory alive. His favorite music was jazz, Opie said. With that and a tribute to a lost pet named Jazz, they came up with the name.

“It’s cute and catchy,” Opie said. “And jazz is always great music to be playing in a cafe.”

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