SnowGlobe preview: Claude VonStroke |

SnowGlobe preview: Claude VonStroke

Barclay Crenshaw, aka Claude VonStroke, has been on a mission to bring dance music back to the U.S. for roughly the past decade. It may take going to Europe to do it.

The West Coast DJ spent 13 weeks this summer spinning on the Spanish party mecca of Ibiza, an experience he described as "totally crazy" and "not as easy as it sounds."

The Michigan native also just wrapped up a North American tour behind his latest disc, "Urban Animal." Crowds have been responding especially well to "Dood," "Can't Wait" and "The Clapping Track," the dirtybird records founder said.

Lake Tahoe Action caught up with Crenshaw last week for a quick interview while he was working on a new mix.

Q — How would you describe your music to someone who hasn't heard it?

A — "It's like if you like hip-hop and you got into house, that's what it would sound like."

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Q — What do you aim for with your live show, especially at a festival like SnowGlobe?

A — "I just want people to have fun really — whatever I got to do musically so people can have a good time. A festival is totally different from a club, where you can kind of work it in. It's like, let's go!"

Q — Where did your stage name come from?

A — "It was a joke. Ha! I can't believe it stuck this long. It was a joke about fake minimal techno DJ names that we started doing and everybody had like a fake name and my name was Claude VonStroke on a track, and then it stuck forever."

Adam Jensen, Lake Tahoe Action

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