South Shore ladies land nation’s best |

South Shore ladies land nation’s best


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When it comes to best in the U.S., rest assured the South Shore ladies are representing.South Tahoe’s Elena Hight, Hannah Teter and Maddie Bowman all snagged spots on the 2013 U.S. ski and snowboard teams. The national rosters dropped Saturday, and for extra icing on top of their U.S team status, the three will kick off the season with the Dew Tour on Thursday at Breckenridge Ski Resort.Teter and Hight make up one-third of the U.S. Snowboard Halfpipe Team. The two Olympians have competed on the U.S. team for nearly a decade. Bowman completes a five-women U.S. Freeski Halfpipe Team, marking her third year of competition on the nation’s team. The 18-year-old had a breakout season last year, picking up a silver medal at the X Games and the North Face Open in Whistler, British Columbia. She finished the season ranked second in the Dew Tour standings. This year, Bowman is on pace to eclipse it all. She opened her season with a first-place finish at the North American Halfpipe opener on Sunday at Copper Mountain, Colo. She strung together a left-side 900, right-side 540, left-side 540 mute grab, right-side 720 and switch left-side 540, according to Ski Racing Magazine. Be on the lookout for a newly added right-side 900 during Bowman’s Dew Tour performance this week. Teter wouldn’t get specific when asked if she has anything new planned for the Dew Tour, responding, “we’ll see.”The Dew Tour and the U.S. team is nothing new for the Olympic gold medalist. This doesn’t make it any less of an honor. “It means the world to be selected as a member of the U.S. Snowboard A Team once again,” Teter said in an email. This marks Teter’s 10th year on the U.S. snowboard team, and she has no plans to quit anytime soon. The Sierra-at-Tahoe Ski Resort pro joined the team at 15. In the years that followed it became a second home. “I’ve known some of the kids on the U.S. team forever, we are like family. It’s amazing to travel with the people you’ve grown up with,” Teter said. The Dew Tour is also a familiar friend. Teter has climbed the Dew Tour podium every year since 2009. The rider-driven format and judging are her favorite part of the competition. Teter split her summer between Mount Hood and New Zealand prepping for the 2012-13 season. And after taking the fall months off, she’s excited to put her summer training to the test at the Dew Tour this week. “I stretch every day, eat super healthy and visualize successful contest runs,” Teter said. U.S. teammate Hight will kick off her season at the Dew Tour with Teter. Hight took third last year in the overall Dew Tour stanings. She took the summer off to rehab from an injury, and is just getting back on the snow. “The Dew Tour is the first contest of the season so I am just trying to get my feet back underneath me so I can start the year off on a good foot,” Hight said in an email.Hight probably won’t be unveiling any new tricks just yet, but Hight is jaw dropping in the pipe no matter what she throws. “My main goal when I snowboard is to have fun. When I am having fun is when I ride my best, and when I am motivated to push myself,” Hight said. This will be Hight’s ninth year on the U.S. team. “The US Snowboard Team is really like a family,” Hight said. “I think that just having a great group of people to turn to and rely on is extremely important, and I am lucky to have that with the US Team.” “It is an honor to be able to do what I love and be acknowledged for it.” Jamie Anderson will also be returning to the Dew Tour this year. The South Tahoe snowboarder has dominated the Dew Tour slopestyle for the past two years. Normally a part of the U.S. Snowboard scene, Anderson bowed out this year to focus on more backcountry riding and fewer competitions.“I prefer keeping it more mellow on my own program, and going with the flow without any attachments,” Anderson said in an email. “But I have nothing but good things to say about the whole team and coaches.”

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