Anderson’s Mountain Movers episode airs Thursday |

Anderson’s Mountain Movers episode airs Thursday

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Professional snowboarder Jamie Anderson has wanted to road gap at her childhood stomping grounds for years.

Sierra-at-Tahoe Resort and Snow Park Technologies teamed up to make it happen last season and the Mountain Movers production crew was there with cameras rolling.

In this week's episode of "Mountain Movers," the SPT crew will build a 65-foot road gap as Anderson attempts to break a snowboarding record and become the first female rider to jump that distance. "Monster Jump" will air Thursday at 8 p.m. on the National Geographic Channel.

"This is a high consequence jump. It's not like a jump in a terrain park. She has to go at least 65 feet to clear the gap. But, she's really got to go 80 feet to hit the sweet spot in the landing," said Chris "Gunny" Gunnarson, owner of Snow Park Technologies. "That's a couple of school buses stacked end-to-end. It's four cargo-shipping containers, (or) seven or eight cars. That's no joke."

But before Anderson attempts to make history, the SPT crew needs to find a way to build the monster jump over a busy backcountry road that cannot be closed.

The jump is being built over Sierra-at-Tahoe's main road that funnels tons of skier traffic into the resort each day. The builders will also have to deal with keeping the road clear of snow throughout the build.

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With Mike Binnell as project manager, Gunny has also assigned Mike Bettera to work with the crew. However, what appears to be a basic jump turns out to be a major ordeal for the SPT team once the problems begin to mount.

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