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Heavenly skiers close out season with strong showing

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The Heavenly Foundation ski team wrapped up the season with its last competition this past weekend at Squaw Valley.

The final course was set on Shirley Lake, and racers had to juggle early morning icy conditions that melted into soft and tricky snow by afternoon. Despite the tough conditions, the Heavenly team had a great showing, with most getting their highest scores ever.

Shanti Payne, who has been training like a fiend, had two second-pace finishes, just missing gold by 1/100 of a point.

Taryn Baker showed off her amazing turns for two J-2 wins.

Heavenly's 12-yea-old phenom Gabriella Fisher had two overall sevenths and two J-4 wins with her best scores ever.

Dean Ambrosi's hard work paid off as he bested his highest score by about three points and snagged a J-3 bronze.

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Mia Idzorek also had a personal best score and two J-4 seconds, skiing so well the Heavenly coach almost didn't recognize her.

Diminutive dynamite Ally Sullivan also had her best run ever and two J-4 thirds.

Ripping Range Chapman had all-time best runs too, with a first and second in J-4s.

"Gnarly Karli" Anderson shredded the course to garner a J-4 fourth.

Matthew Sullivan boosted 360s to wow the crowd and get a J-5 fifth.

Joshua Sullivan flowed down the course like water with his textbook turns to get a J-3 fourth.

Heavenly’s final competition

Saturday single moguls


Taryn Baker 4 1 J-2 21.62

Gabriella Fisher 7 1 J-4 18.95

Mia Idzorek 14 2 J-4 16.42

Ally Sullivan 17 4 J-4 13.78

Karli Anderson 27 4 J-5 8.06


Shanti Payne 4 2 J-2 22.48

Dean Ambrosi 10 3 J-3 18.47

Range Chapman 15 1 J-4 14.13

Matthew Sullivan 24 7 J-5 8.20

Sunday single moguls


Taryn Baker 4 1 J-2 20.84

Gabriella Fisher 7 1 J-4 18.56

Mia Idzorek 11 2 J-4 17.09

Ally Sullivan 16 3 J-4 14.13


Shanti Payne 2 1 J-2 23.34

Dean Ambrosi 9 3 J-3 16.88

Joshua Sullivan 13 4 J-3 13.25

Range Chapman 14 2 J-4 12.82

Matthew Sullivan 19 5 J-5 8.28

Dual moguls


Taryn Baker top 16

Gabriella Fisher top 16

Mia Idzorek top 16

Ally Sullivan 17


Shanti Payne 2

Dean Ambrosi top 16

Joshua Sullivan top 32

Range Chapman top 32

Matthew Sullivan top 32

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