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Zephyr League Championship Swimming Results

The South Tahoe swim team took a combined second place at the Zephyr League Championships this past weekend. The girls and boys team both finished in third place.

South Tahoe's Top 10 finishes

Margaret Albrecht: 2nd girls 200 free

Brady McIntyre: 3rd boys 200 free

Bryan Peuse: 4th boys 200 free

Ben Eliot: 6th boys 200 free

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Lauren Tang: 2nd girls 200 IM

Cassandra Marin: 8th girls 200 IM

Ally Swain: 9th girls 200 IM

Kirsten Tang: 1st girls 50 free

Kimberly Craig: 8th girls 50 free

Shane Smith: 3rd boys 50 free

Cassandra Marin: 7th girls 100 butterfly

Brady McIntyre: 2nd boys 100 butterfly

Madeline Pennington: 9th girls 100 free

Joseph Barnett: 7th boys 100 free

Luke Daum: 10th boys 100 free

Margaret Albrecht: 2nd girls 500 free

Ally Swain: 7th girls 500 free

Bryan Peuse: 4th boys 500 free

Kirsten Tang: 2nd girls 100 backstroke

Shane Smith: 3rd boys 100 backstroke

Kellen Gronwald: 4th boys 100 backstroke

Ryan Piazzo: 5th boys 100 backstroke

Lauren Tang: 3rd girls 100 breaststroke

Alley Hearn: 10th girls 100 breaststroke

Ben Eliot: 3rd boys 100 breaststroke

Joseph Barnett: 6th 100 breaststroke

Jason Elder: 8th 100 breaststroke

Alexander Fails: 9th 100 breaststroke

Relay Results

Boys 200-yard medley: 2nd Ryan Piazzo, Ben Eliot, Brady McIntyre, Shane Smith

Boys 200-yard freestyle: 2nd Ryan Piazzo, Shane Smith, Ben Eliot, Brady McIntyre

Boys 400-yard freestyle: 4th Luke Daum, Kellen Gronwald, Joseph Barnett, Bryan Peuse

Girls 200-yard medley: 3rd Kirsten Tang, Cassandra Marin, Margaret Albrecht, Lauren Tang

Girls 200-yard freestyle: 5th Ally Swain, Kimberly Craig, Lissie Stewart, Madeline Pennington

Girls 400-yard freestyle: 2nd Kirsten Tang, Margaret Albrecht, Cassandra Marin, Lauren Tang

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