New football schedules set for fall season |

New football schedules set for fall season

School may be wrapping up, but the 2013 football season is just getting started.

Summer, after all, is when these guys start building up the stamina it takes to successfully compete against schools with two or three times their enrollment numbers. But South Tahoe and Whittell both showed their football programs have what it takes to make a postseason push last fall, and this season the coaches will pick up right where they left off.

The new tentative schedules are out, meaning it's time start thinking about next season.

The Vikings will likely return to their summer training grounds at Cross Fit, which helped carry them to the most successful season South Tahoe has seen in the better part of a decade.

Whittell coach David Housel is already looking for new guys to step up, and his returning players are hitting the field on their own time.

"Does anybody want to throw the football tomorrow and work for next year?" Whittell football player Jake Sharp recently posted.

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Sharp and the rest of the guys know, the season will be here soon enough.

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