South Shore runners tear up Elks Invitational |

South Shore runners tear up Elks Invitational

The South Tahoe and Whittell track teams added to an already strong season start this past weekend.

The South Tahoe boys track team took fifth overall and the girls team took 13th overall at the 41st Annual Fallon Elks Invitational in Fallon on Saturday. The Whittell varsity girls took ninth overall.

"We have a good group of seniors this year, with a lot of football guys, and I'm excited because a lot of them have never really done it and they're showing pretty good marks all around," coach Jake Hurwitz said.

Hurwitz has been recruiting, and the South Tahoe track team is about double the size it was last year and already off to a strong start. The team finished in the top two at the Mount Rose League Meet on March 16.

As for this past Saturday, the team picked up right where it left off.

Jason Rogers, Brandon Cramer, David Cassaday, Connor Henderson and Tyler Myers all turned in top 10 individual finishes.

Cramer had a good meet all around. He took second in the 200 meter, first in the 110-meter hurdles, sixth in high jump and was the leadoff man in the Vikings' relay team. Cramer is ranked first in the 110-meter hurdles in the North.

Henderson and Rogers were a big part of that fifth-place finish too. Henderson took second in the 3200 meters with a new personal record. He is ranked No.1 in the North in the 3200 meters.

Rogers claimed fifth in the 100-meter dash and helped carry the relay team to fourth place.

"(Rogers) was our anchor on the 4×1 and he's just a pretty quick kid for how big he is. He's about 6-5," Hurwitz said.

Best moment of the meet, however, goes to Harley Norton.

"One of the big highlights at the meet was actually Harley Norton in his two-mile. He took off like a sprinter in the last 200 meters and overtook about 10 athletes," Hurwitz said.

Jenny Burks led the South Tahoe girls team. It's the junior first year on the track team and she is currently ranked No. 1 in the North in 300-meter hurdles. Burks charged to a second-place finish in the 300 hurdles on Saturday, and added a strong relay run.

"She did phenomenally in the hurdles as well as the 100 meter and relay," Hurwitz said.

Whittell's Forvilly was just a little faster though. She tore up the Fallon track. She took first in the 300-meter hurdles and second in the 100-meter hurdles. She also placed third in the 200 meter and the 400 meter.

South Tahoe's Emily Treat, Karley Martinez and Brooke King also added top 10 times to the team scores.

Whittell junior Mark Waite also broke into the top 10 in the 400 meter and 1600 meter.

UP NEXT: The Vikings have a big meet coming up at Reed High School on Friday and Saturday. Whittell ran in the Stanford meet on Thursday.

CharacterAlign.23CharacterAlign.91CharacterAlign.187Boys Results

CharacterAlign.23CharacterAlign.108CharacterAlign.187100 Meters

CharacterAlign.23CharacterAlign.108CharacterAlign.1875.Jason Rogers 11.90 South Tahoe

200 Meters

CharacterAlign.23CharacterAlign.108CharacterAlign.1872.Brandon Cramer 23.67 South Tahoe

4.David Cassaday 23.90 South Tahoe

400 Meters

CharacterAlign.23CharacterAlign.108CharacterAlign.1879.Mark Waite 55.75 Whittell

25.Josh Welch 1:02.11 Whittell

33.Rudy Mata 1:10.84 Whittell

34.Gabriel Aguilar 1:13.30a Whittell

800 Meters

CharacterAlign.23CharacterAlign.108CharacterAlign.18720.Freddy Betenzos 2:31.10 South Tahoe

CharacterAlign.23CharacterAlign.108CharacterAlign.1871600 Meters

CharacterAlign.23CharacterAlign.108CharacterAlign.1876.Connor Henderson 4:51.80 South Tahoe

10.Mark Waite 4:58.80 Whittell

14.Harley Norton 5:04.80 South Tahoe

20.Tyler Myers 5:12.70 South Tahoe

26.Dylan Maxwell 5:22.30 South Tahoe

28.Josh Welch 5:25.50 Whittell

49.Rudy Mata 6:07.20 Whittell

50.Gabriel Aguilar 6:10.50 Whittell

CharacterAlign.23CharacterAlign.108CharacterAlign.1873200 Meters

CharacterAlign.23CharacterAlign.108CharacterAlign.1872.Connor Henderson 10:34.40 South Tahoe

10.Tyler Myers 11:03.60 South Tahoe

12.Mark Waite 11:08.20 Whittell

14.Harley Norton 11:19.10 South Tahoe

16.Dylan Maxwell 11:22.80 South Tahoe

23.Josh Welch 12:00.50 Whittell

44.Rudy Mata 14:23.20 Whittell

45.Gabriel Aguilar 14:29.50 Whittell

CharacterAlign.23CharacterAlign.108CharacterAlign.187110m Hurdles – 39"

CharacterAlign.23CharacterAlign.108CharacterAlign.1871.Brandon Cramer 15.89 South Tahoe

8.David Cassaday 17.19 South Tahoe

CharacterAlign.23CharacterAlign.108CharacterAlign.187300m Hurdles – 36"

CharacterAlign.23CharacterAlign.108CharacterAlign.18727.Sean Noyes 55.09 Whittell

CharacterAlign.23CharacterAlign.108CharacterAlign.1874×100 Relay

CharacterAlign.23CharacterAlign.108CharacterAlign.1874. South Tahoe 46.11

Brandon Cramer, Kyle Miller, Kyle Moreno, Jason Rogers

4×200 Relay

12. South Tahoe 1:46.85

Tylor Nicholson, Rodolfo Bernadino, Kyle Miller, Freddy Betenzos

CharacterAlign.23CharacterAlign.108CharacterAlign.1874×400 Relay

CharacterAlign.23CharacterAlign.108CharacterAlign.18711. South Tahoe 4:02.23

Brandon Arreola, Freddy Betenzos, Tylor Nicholson, Rodolfo Bernadino

CharacterAlign.23CharacterAlign.108CharacterAlign.1874×800 Relay

CharacterAlign.23CharacterAlign.108CharacterAlign.1876. South Tahoe 9:17.6

Dylan Maxwell, Connor Henderson, Patrick Stimac, Harley Norton

CharacterAlign.23CharacterAlign.108CharacterAlign.187Discus – 1.6kg

CharacterAlign.23CharacterAlign.108CharacterAlign.18725. Rafa Gutierrez 88-10 South Tahoe

CharacterAlign.23CharacterAlign.108CharacterAlign.187High Jump

CharacterAlign.23CharacterAlign.108CharacterAlign.1876. Brandon Cramer 5-06.00 South Tahoe

9. Jason Rogers 5-04.00 South Tahoe

CharacterAlign.23CharacterAlign.108CharacterAlign.187Triple Jump

CharacterAlign.23CharacterAlign.108CharacterAlign.18721. Aubrey Felton 31-10.00 Whittell

CharacterAlign.23CharacterAlign.108CharacterAlign.187Girls Results

200 Meters

CharacterAlign.23CharacterAlign.108CharacterAlign.1873. Sierra Forvilly 27.46 Whittell

400 Meters

CharacterAlign.23CharacterAlign.108CharacterAlign.1873. Sierra Forvilly 1:01.47 Whittell

800 Meters

CharacterAlign.23CharacterAlign.108CharacterAlign.1878. Karley Martinez 2:34.00 South Tahoe

1600 Meters

CharacterAlign.23CharacterAlign.108CharacterAlign.18710. Karley Martinez 5:45.20 South Tahoe

14. Emily Treat 6:08.40 South Tahoe

3200 Meters

CharacterAlign.23CharacterAlign.108CharacterAlign.1875. Emily Treat 13:38.80 South Tahoe

100m Hurdles – 33"

CharacterAlign.23CharacterAlign.108CharacterAlign.1872. Sierra Forvilly 16.98 Whittell

300m Hurdles – 30"

CharacterAlign.23CharacterAlign.108CharacterAlign.1871. Sierra Forvilly 47.39 Whittell

3. Jennifer Burks 50.43 South Tahoe

9. Brooke King 54.27 South Tahoe

22. Janelle Spandau 1:05.28 South Tahoe

4×100 Relay

CharacterAlign.23CharacterAlign.108CharacterAlign.1877. South Tahoe 57.36

Danielle Cohn, Diana Gomez, Jennifer Burks, Kimberly Marquez-Sanchez

Shot Put – 4kg

CharacterAlign.23CharacterAlign.108CharacterAlign.18717. Kerry Norton 25-02.50 South Tahoe

25. Gisselle Benitez 20-00.50 Whittell

26. Melane Munguia 19-11.00 South Tahoe

30. London Gustofson 18-01.00 South Tahoe

32. Karina Garcia 14-11.50 South Tahoe

Discus – 1kg

CharacterAlign.23CharacterAlign.108CharacterAlign.18716. Kerry Norton 74-10 South Tahoe

21. Gisselle Benitez 67-07 Whittell

34. Melane Munguia 45-06 South Tahoe

37. London Gustofson 37-11 South Tahoe

38. Karina Garcia 37-08 South Tahoe

High Jump

CharacterAlign.23CharacterAlign.108CharacterAlign.18722. Kimberly Marquez-Sanchez 4-00.00 South Tahoe

Long Jump

CharacterAlign.23CharacterAlign.108CharacterAlign.18715. Meagan Thomson 12-06.50 South Tahoe

22. Kimberly Marquez-Sanchez 11-08.50 South Tahoe