South Shore track tears up Reed meet |
Becky Regan

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South Shore track tears up Reed meet

Boys results

40-yard dash, finals

16. Max Primo 5.26 Whittell

19. Kyle Miller 5.37 South Tahoe

26. Aubrey Felton 5.97 Whittell

400-meter finals

45. Rodney Aguirre-Rodriguez 60.76 Whittell

800-meter finals

31. Mark Waite 2:22.25 Whittell

41. Ross Kovac 2:28.61 South Tahoe

45. Josh Welch 2:32.67 Whittell

1600-meter finals

3. Mark Waite 4:50.15 Whittell

28. Dylan Maxwell 5:15.34 South Tahoe

29. Harley Norton 5:16.92 South Tahoe

35. Josh Welch 5:22.09 Whittell

3200-meter finals

2. Connor Henderson 10:18.89 South Tahoe

12. Mark Waite 10:37.99 Whittell

21. Tyler Myers 11:02.20 South Tahoe

27. Dylan Maxwell 11:09.40 South Tahoe

39. Josh Welch 11:38.42a Whittell

110-meter hurdles, finals

2. Brandon Cramer 15.89 South Tahoe

300-meter hurdles, finals

1. Brandon Cramer 41.10 South Tahoe

35. Kyle Moreno 52.61 South Tahoe

4×100 relay

19. 47.72 South Tahoe

4×200 relay

10. 1:36.64 South Tahoe

4×800 relay

8. 9:18.48 South Tahoe

Distance Medley 1200, 400, 800, 1600

7. 11:52.18 South Tahoe

Connor Henderson, Harley Norton, Jason Rogers, Dylan Maxwell

14. 12:38.72 Whittell

Josh Welch, Gabriel Aguilar, Rudy Mata, Mark Waite

Shot put – 12 pounds

50. Rafa Gutierrez 30-09.00 South Tahoe

Discus – 1.6kg

43. Rafa Gutierrez 78-03 South Tahoe

40-yard dash

14. Gisselle Benitez 6.28 Whittell

400-meters finals

54. Corynn Bricker 76.89 South Tahoe

56. Iran Manzano 78.43 Whittell

800-meters finals

13. Karley Martinez 2:37.61 South Tahoe

19. Cara Filce 2:44.20 South Tahoe

41. Gabriela Vargas 2:56.23 South Tahoe

65. Christy Walowit 3:35.86 South Tahoe

1600-meters finals

14. Karley Martinez 5:43.80 South Tahoe

30. Emily Treat 6:02.57 South Tahoe

3200-meter finals

17. Cara Filce 13:27.80 South Tahoe

34. Bridget Moffat 14:49.13 South Tahoe

36. Kylee Lyons 15:23.80 South Tahoe

41. Erin Moffat 18:05.88 South Tahoe

300-meter hurdles, finals

4. Jennifer Burks 50.77 South Tahoe

26. Brooke King 56.04 South Tahoe

47. Grace Rosburg 60.30 South Tahoe

52. Janelle Spandau 62.24 South Tahoe

4×100 Relay

19. 57.34 South Tahoe

4×200 Relay

21. 2:08.64 South Tahoe

4×800 Relay

6. 11:11.90 South Tahoe

Distance medley 1200, 400, 800, 1600

7. 14:22.71 South Tahoe

Shot Put – 4kg

40. Kerry Norton 24-03.75 South Tahoe

54. Gisselle Benitez 22-01.00 Whittell

Discus – 1kg

37. Kerry Norton 67-06 South Tahoe

47. Gisselle Benitez 63-08 Whittell

Stanford Invitational

Whittell senior Sierra Forvilly ran against some of the best in the state at the Stanford Invitational this past weekend. Forvilly captured 10th in the 400-meter hurdles (68.24) against some elite competition.

All the big guns were there.

High schools like McQueen, Damonte Ranch, Carson and Reed all brought their best runners to the Reed Sparks Rotary Invitational this past weekend, but South Tahoe and Whittell held their own. South Tahoe's Brandon Cramer, Connor Henderson, Jennifer Burks and Whittell's Mark Waite all placed in the top five.

"It was a big meet," said South Tahoe coach Jake Hurwitz. "There were a lot of big name schools, but I'm looking at our results and a lot of kids are getting sixth, seventh, eighth and 10th place. Most of the schools we were behind are 4A."

Cramer, a senior hurdler, was definitely a South Tahoe highlight. He won the 300-meter hurdles by nearly a full second. He also placed second in the 110-meter hurdles.

"Form is 100 percent of that race. He attacks the hurdles well, he's a smart kid and he's able to think ahead in the race," Hurwitz said. "His times are definitely competitive. He's even in the middle of the pack at the college level."

Cramer is currently the top Northern Nevada hurdler in the 300-meter.

Henderson dominated the 3200-meter race. The senior placed second overall in a field of 47 runners. He covered the two miles in 10 minutes and 18 seconds.

Henderson, along with Harley Norton, Jason Rogers and Dylan Maxwell, also make up the Vikings' distance medley relay team. The boys finished in the top 10, covering 1200, 400, 800 and 1600 meters.

Waite and Josh Welch turned in top results for the Whittell boys.

Waite shined in the distance runs, claiming third place in 1600-meter finals and 12th in the 13200-meter finals.

For the girls, South Tahoe's Jenny Burks and Karley Martinez led the way.

Martinez, a junior, ran a season-best mile, 5 minutes and 43 seconds, and 800 meter, 2 minutes and 37 seconds.

She's our top girl in distance and she's just doing very well," Hurwitz said.

Treat was not far behind. She ran the mile in 6 minutes and 2 seconds, and is hoping to break the 5-minute mark at the next meet.

"Emily Treat has been dropping 20 seconds or so a week," Hurwitz said.

Burks, a first-year runner, was fourth overall in the 300-meter hurdles.

"There's only one girl ahead of her from Yerington in our league, and Jenny's only about a second behind her," Hurwitz said. "For a first-year athlete she's had a great turnout."

Burks also took 21st overall in the 100-meter hurdles.

The distance relay team also deserves some credit. Martinez, Gabriela Vargas, Treat and Cara Filce also cruised in among the top 10 in the distance relay.

"All of the distance team is showing phenomenal improvement," Hurwitz said. "Their times are looking great, and they have a lot of personal records."

UP NEXT: South Tahoe and Whittell track teams will travel to the Fernley Invitational on Saturday, April 13.