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The ultimate physical test

So you think you are in shape? Does an adventure race sound exciting? Here is a challenge that is tiring just reading about it.

The Kit Carson Race, formerly known as the Big Blue 24, pushes the limits of any athlete with a variety of physical and mental challenges that only the most fit could dream of enduring.

“It’s the third year of the event and is one of the most challenging events in the series,” said Todd Jackson, event founder and president of Seventh Wave Productions. “The race requires an incredible amount of endurance and considerable experience in adventure racing. It also happens to be one of the most beautiful and rewarding courses you can conquer.”

The race requires individuals or teams to complete a 80-100 mile course over the hills of Lake Tahoe and Carson City in 18 to 30 hours. Each team member does each discipline, and it is recommended that the teams stay close together.

Competitors begin in Carson City at approximately 9 a.m., bike up to Lake Tahoe for 15-plus miles of kayaking on the lake, then hop on their mountain bikes for more biking – a total of 45-plus miles of challenging terrain and over 10,000 feet of elevation change.

After the bike portion, 10 miles of running/hiking, orienteering tasks and constant navigation using map and compass skills are required.

“The winning team usually accomplishes the feat in about 20 hours, finishing around 4 a.m.,” Jackson said. “One rider in the last race mentioned that he had more adventure in 24 hours than most people have in a year.”

The event is open to individuals, or teams of two, three or four participants. Categories include all male, all female or coed teams. Jackson said they expect about 100 participants in this year’s local event.

The Big Blue Series now includes 10 venues throughout the West Coast, including the Tahoe Big Blue in North Lake Tahoe on Sept. 22. The adventure races range from 24-hour formats to sprint races to an off-road triathlon.

Additional information and an application for this race and others in the series can be obtained by visiting or calling (530) 546-1019.