Sunken sailboat raised from Lake Tahoe’s floor may not be going anywhere |

Sunken sailboat raised from Lake Tahoe’s floor may not be going anywhere

A submerged sailboat is once again floating on Lake Tahoe after sitting at the bottom of the lake for months — and it may not be going anywhere anytime soon.

A team with TowBoatU.S. Lake Tahoe, a private salvage company hired by the sailboat's owner to bring the boat to the surface, spent several hours Wednesday raising and pumping water out of the boat.

However, the owner did not instruct the salvage company to tow the boat away, meaning it will remain anchored in its current location until the owner decides to move it.

For most of 2017 the boat sat on the bottom of the lake off the shore of El Dorado Beach. Only the mast could be seen sticking out of the lake.

As the Tribune previously reported, the engine and potential contaminants were removed from the sailboat prior to its sinking. According to officials, the boat did not pose significant risk to the public or the environment. That appears to continue being the case now that the boat has been floated.

"Maintaining the boat on the buoy does not conflict with any of the Water Board's rules or regulations," Lauri Kemper, assistant executive officer for the Lahontan Water Board, said in an email Wednesday.

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According to Geoff Burrows, owner of TowBoatU.S. Lake Tahoe, the crew that floated the boat also picked up some debris from the sailboat and cleaned up the area.

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