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Tahoe earthquake intuitive documents Verdi-Mogul quake swarm

Lake Tahoe author-earthquake sensitive Cal Orey ” who predicts shakers in the region ” says she was given a big heads up earlier by her seismically-sensitive black feline before the Verdi-Mogul quake swarm hit Nevada today.

As of April 15 there have been more than 20 microquakes and three minor tremors in the Mogul region, reported on the USGS map. A 3.4 hit at 7:59 a.m. , 3.1 at 2:26 and a 3.2 at 3:32 this afternoon.

On April 7 Orey posted on her Web site http://www.earthquakeepi-center.com that the California-Nevada border including Verdi-Mogul was capable of giving a 4.0 plus earthquake during the week.

Her cat Kerouac sensed the Tahoe Vista 4.6 quake a few days before it jolted her cabin in June of 2005, she recalled and documented in her book “The Man Who Predicts Earthquakes: Jim Berkland, Maverick Geologist” (Sentient Publictions).

And her cat’s recent abnormal behavior reminded her of the past local earthquake.

“He slept with me and my two ‘Velcro dogs’ the other night,” the author said. “It’s a pre-quake cue when my cat (and dogs) get too affectionate.”

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Last night at 6:21 Orey posted on her site: “Gotta say the cat is doing his clingy thing again. Last night and a few minutes ago he did play his in-the- room-out-of- the-room game. He is an indoor cat.” At 8:46 she posted her cat’s actions again: “My cat won’t leave me alone. Still in and out and in and out. Restless to the max.”

Orey says he senses more seismic activity may be on its way. Back in February she predicted an 80 percent chance a 4.0-5.0+ may hit the Sierra by April 30. She based her prediction on heavy snowfall, a seismic lull for the Lake Tahoe California-Nevada border, and water dreams.

“Also, while my cat is AWOL at the moment, there is a full moon due on April 20 ” another red flag for another shaker,” she said.

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