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Tough Mudder tribute to local

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With misty eyes Kenny Curtzwiler recounted the tribute that was paid to his son at the start of Tough Mudders when he was singled out in the introduction speech. “I’ve got one of our own locals here. Somebody who, I believe he served 21 years,” the announcer said before the race. “Not just him. He lost his son too, Listen up, not just him, he lost his son who served for us too. Came back and gave his all so that we can be here today. This man has sacrificed his whole family for this nation, for you and me.”Racers stood to give Curtzwiler and his family a standing ovation, and it was all the more incentive for him to complete the 10-plus mile course laden with obstacles.Curtzwiler was determined though. He was competing on behalf of his son, Caleb James Martin-Curtzwiler, who committed suicide after suffering from post traumatic stress when he returned from duty. “You’re supposed to do it in teams,” Curtzwiler said. “My son was my partner.”Some of the proceeds from Tough Mudder went to a charity called Wounded Warriors that helps soldiers returning from duty. “We need to remember about the silent wounded warrior, which is the soldier that comes back with post traumatic stress,” Curtzwiler said. Thousands of people showed up for the race at Northstar, but Curtzwiler was most happy to have his family there. At the end of the race, Curtzwiler was met with support from his wife Pam Curtzwiler, and kids Hannah Curtzwiler and Marshall Curtzwiler.

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