TRPA Regional Plan Update moves forward |

TRPA Regional Plan Update moves forward

Axie Navas

The Tahoe Regional Planning Agency’s Regional Plan Update took a step forward on Wednesday when the governing board affirmed the recommendations of the Plan Update Committee to incorporate a package of revisions into a final plan.

Part of that package included recommendations from a bi-state consultation group. Those recommendations took stakeholder input into account to address four major issues of discussion: delegation of authorities and the establishment of an appeals process; water quality; air quality; and land coverage questions.

“We recognize that no one got everything they wanted in the stakeholder process but all parties feel they were heard and that we’re moving closer to consensus than we ever have in the history of Regional Plan Update process,” Chair of the RPU Committee and a member of the bi-state consultation group E. Clement Shute, Jr. said in a TRPA press release.

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