Vikings drop game two in defensive battle |

Vikings drop game two in defensive battle

Becky Regan

The Viking’s defense went to work Friday, holding Fernley High School to one touchdown, but without much offensive momentum South Tahoe High School fell 10-6 in a battle of defense.

“We bent but we didn’t really break at any point,” head coach Kevin Hennessee said of the defense. “(Fernley) could never really get a drive going. The only time they had success was when we gave them good field position.”

It was the same story for South Tahoe, however, as Fernley kept relentless pressure on quarterback John Cefalu and the Viking’s offensive line forcing a few fumbles and mental mistakes.

The Vikings managed to fight their way into the 10 a few times, but couldn’t capitalize as the defensive battle raged into the second half.

“The defense played well. They kept us in the game and gave us a chance to at least try to win it at the end,” offensive coordinator Todd McIntyre said. “And we did have a chance at the end.”

With about 1:30 left on the clock, the Vikings drove down the field putting the ball inside the 15. They needed a touchdown to make up the four-point gap, but were flagged with a momentum-killing penalty, a scenario all too familiar to last week’s double overtime loss.

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Fernley jumped on the setback, sacking Cefalu and forcing an incomplete to end South Tahoe’s last-chance drive.

“Fernley just had a really nice game plan of putting pressure on our quarterback and I think they did a good job of executing that,” McIntyre said.

Fernley posted the only touchdown of the first half and put up a field goal in the third quarter. South Tahoe’s lone touchdown came in the fourth as Cale Backinger snagged a 10-yard pass.

“We actually ran the ball OK until we lost Kyle Miller to a knee injury. We had a tough time running after that,” McIntyre said.

Miller was collecting yards for the Viking’s until he was tackled in the second quarter after a 20-yard run. Coaches are hoping Miller just tweaked his knee, but said there is a good possibility he tore something and may be out the rest of the season.

With Miller out for at least one week, the Vikings will split the playing time among the younger players in the upcoming game at Churchill County High School on Friday.

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