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We Can! challenge Week 3: Two hours of screen time per day

Seth Martin
LTUSD elementary PE lead

It is not a secret that the TV has become a free babysitter and a major source of inactivity. Sitting in front of the TV may also be causing us to gain weight. TV and munching on snacks go hand and hand, and this unconscious type of eating is not only unhealthy but also uncontrolled.

Next week’s challenge is to not watch more than two hours of TV per day. The challenge also includes playing video games on the TV or the computer. Doing school work on your computer is fine and necessary (sorry, kids, no excuses to not do your work); playing video games and watching Internet video, etc., are not allowed for more than two hours per day. Depending on the kid, this could be easy or nearly impossible. Help your kids accomplish this task, get them to read, be active, anything that gets them away from their screens. Things to do that don’t involve a screen: ride your bike, garden with your family, go for a swim, walk, etc., read, talk to somebody (in person, not via texting), sing and dance.

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